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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Many Flat Tires of Mrs. Bennett

I lay. In bed. Sick with something or other. I reek of tea-tree oil, which I rubbed on my legs yesterday evening to stop the itching. This itching has been going on since the middle of January. The tea-tree oil seems to be working pretty well. I've been to two dermatologists about it. One basically said there's no cure for it and I'll just have to put itch cream on six times a day for the rest of my life. Another one recommended oatmeal baths, some other lotion, allergy pills, and did blood work, which was all negative. He also removed my possibly cancerous mole from my leg. There's now a big scab there which doesn't appear to be healing. I don't know what's going on. Rivers threw up yellow goo about 30 times last weekend and was in the hospital for a day. Emily got sick right after that. I predicted I would get sick by Friday. I was wrong. Saturday. I've lost my wedding ring, which is too bad because I kinda liked that ring. I dropped my phone and shattered it in the McDonald's drive-thru. Good times! A couple times this week, I have taken Rivers on a walk to Home Depot (he loves Home Depot) and then down the Halfway Wash trail. I've taken an interest in plants and flowers. I like cottonwoods. The trail is dotted with many of them. There's also a lot of Sacred Datura plants, which are those ones with the big white trumpet flowers. Don't eat them. They'll send you on a mind-blowing acid trip and then kill you. Trust me. I know. When it gets hot out, the flowers close during the day, then open back up at night to attract pollinators like moths. I noticed that on Wednesday, the flowers were all open during our 7 pm walk. On Friday at about the same time (and it was a lot warmer on Friday), the flowers were all closed. I came back at 11 that night to look at them, and they were all open. Amazing. That would make a nice time-lapse video.

Welp, this is all for now. I'm missing church today. I haven't been to our ward for a month. I think I'm gonna get fired from my primary pianist job.

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