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Sunday, May 21, 2017


What would you like to hear about? Well I'll tell you. Space. How amazing this vast "space" is. Just dotted with all these little stars, these little flaming balls of hydrogen and helium and plasma, off in the vast cosmos, millions of light years away. Right now, Jupiter is sitting high up in the sky with his many mistresses. And we're just... spinning around... spinning... spinning... day after day. And this spinning gives us our days, our days of love, days of fear, days of taking a relaxing vacation and going to the beach, days of endless mind-numbing work, Days of our Lives (the soap!), days of war and peace, days of struggling with children who have problems, days of struggling with school, of trying to make ends meet, days of suffering and tribulation, days of joy, days of heartache, days of struggling to keep brine shrimp alive for school science projects, nights of sleep (or lack thereof), nights that give us our starry sky, nights that give us our graveyard shifts, nights that give us our 4th of July fireworks and our late-night get-togethers, our midnight snacks, our night drives, our twinkling city lights. And if you go up there and look back down at this lovely blue globe, you leave all that here. And I'm sure as hell some people would like to do that every now and again, just leave Earth behind for a bit, all of its cares. Not that there's anything particularly worrying about 4th of July fireworks or midnight snacks. Also you wouldn't really leave the starry night sky here. You'd take it with you. You'll be forever enshrouded in a blanket of starry night. To sleep now.

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