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Monday, June 26, 2017

8 April 22nds

April 22nd, 1998 - Wednesday

I'm not quite 11 years old. I'm in 4th grade with Mr. Devin... no, that's wrong. Mr. Kevin Dunkley. Pug the Cat had some baby kittens today. We certainly don't know who the father is. We never know. Tomorrow, I'm going to come home from school and find dead kitties in the box, and I'm going to cry. And Sheridan is going to stay up all night keeping watch to make sure whatever killed them doesn't come back and kill the survivors. But something will kill them anyway.

April 22nd, 1999 - Thursday

I don't actually remember anything from this day, other than... I'm not quite 12 years old. I'm in 5th grade with Mrs. Simpkins. Right now, I'm off track from school, which means I'm in the midst of a 2-week break. My classmates don't really like me. I play with Doug Schmutz sometimes who's pretty loyal. The only thing I write in my journal from this day is,  "I wish I could go to school today." I WISH I COULD GO TO SCHOOL TODAY. That makes no sense. Probably just so I can see Brandy Sargent. Her dad is a cop. Obviously, with a name like SARGENT.

April 22nd, 2005 - Friday

I'm not quite 18 years old. It's 11th grade. I tried to run for Senior Class President and failed miserably. I don't even know why I ran. I didn't take any of it seriously. It was all just a big joke to me. This all came to a head in the Exec Council interview when I realized, hey. I have no idea what I'm doing. Bret Voran won. As she should've. Isaac and I finished our costume waver job. Emmett joined our family last week.

April 22nd, 2006 - Saturday 

I'm not quite 19 years old. About to graduate. It's Senior Ball today with Stacy Bracklehiney. It turns out to be pretty boring and uneventful. The dance is crowded, hot, awkward because I hate dancing, hate yelling at my date while we're dancing because it's so loud and we can't hear each other. I think there are eclairs or cream puffs or something to eat for refreshments. A day date consists of going around the neighborhood trading things for better things. Eating burgers. Playing at Kerrah Kelly's house. At one point, I'm sitting by the pool with Stacy, Steve, Eric... maybe Heidi as well? And it's fun. I'm content. Somebody jumps in the water with their clothes on. Steve maybe? Eric? And we all have a good laugh. And I'm content in that little group, while most everybody else hangs out in the house. And I'm content after the dance, as I drive Stacy, Isaac, and Lacey home, although Stacy and I never know what to say to each other. Because I'm content in a little group, not in a room with hundreds of people dancing and yelling. Because I'm an introvert. But at the time this is actually happening, I don't know that. And I wish I did. Also, Eric and I are friends today. He's an introvert too.

April 22nd, 2007 - Sunday

I'm not quite 20 years old. Things have changed. I'm on a mission. Today is special, the day I get to baptize my first baptizee. Her name is Erin Donnely, and she is a very smart very talented high school student who asks REALLY good questions, so good that I don't know how to answer them, so I usually just defer to Elder Walker. We've obviously rushed this baptism. Right? I mean, we're just trying to get her baptized before I get transferred. Is she even ready? Does she actually believe? Well it doesn't matter because WE'RE BAPTIZING HER, DANGIT. I guess we'll just live with whatever happens down the road. But it's okay because ERIN'S GETTIN BAPTIZED!!

April 22nd, 2008 - Tuesday

I'm not quite 21 years old. I'm in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. We're teaching a hot babe named Britney. We just met her husband today. We thought maybe he was going to murder us for talking to his hot wife, but he was nice. They won't go anywhere but we'll keep trying to teach them. Mostly because Britney's a babe. Just kidding. Kidding that we're teaching them because she's a babe. Not kidding about her being a babe.

April 22nd, 2015 - Wednesday

I want to go to Toquerville on Saturday to a star party. But it won't happen due to crappy weather. Rivers sick and in the ER yesterday. Emily and I will both be sick tomorrow, hurling our guts out. I have a dying depressed patient at work who can't tell the difference between dreaming and reality. Oh HAPPY DAYS! Oh, I forgot... I'm not quite 28 years old.

April 22nd, 2017 - Saturday

Ah, there, we made it. If I recall correctly, we went to Dixie Nutrition because I was jonesing carrot juice. Sharon McPherson... Webb? She was there. She's worked there for like, a billion years. I worked there almost that long. Like, 2 years total. Pretty close. Then we splash padded. The end.

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