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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Apoptosis Machine

I've decided to stop humor writing, because I guess it's not too funny anymore. It had a good run though.

I hate it when my wife is gone to work. More than anything. I've always hated it, but never realized quite how much I do until right now for some reason.

I'm sitting here with the doggies. They're both passed out next to me after an evening of wackiness and running around and Juno sneakily stealing my last bit of Hot Pocket when I set it down for a second to watch a Jazz game. I was mad. But for what? She's a dog. I think it's funny how we always get mad at dogs for acting like dogs. We want them to act as human-like as possible, which is why we teach them tricks. I guess it makes us feel better though, to have something close to human to talk to when we're alone.

I miss my wife terribly.

I suddenly realize that there is nothing to see in the past.