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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm going to the temple tomorrow night.

I've been wanting to do it for the past few months, but I've been running on an expired recommend. It'll be my first endowment session since I've been home, which makes me a pretty big lamo, but I'm getting back into things. I'm taking some questions with me tomorrow night that'll have eternal consequences, namely marriage questions. Yikes! This is a big deal.

The semester is almost over, too. The first few months of college have been interesting, I must say. The stress is about to pile on in the next few weeks with finals and such. The temple will be good for all of that I suppose.

Lucas Yates called me today to interview me for a school newspaper article. The questions all dealt with cheating. What do you think of cheaters? How should they be punished? Why is cheating right/wrong? What measures, if any, could be improved at the Testing Center to catch cheaters? It was like, a 30 minute long conversation. I didn't know I had such a strong opinion about cheating. And I also never figured out why I got chose to be the interviewee. I guess I'm a cheater.

Emily came to town today. It was great fun. I attempted to learn how to drive a stick-shift. And failed. I love that girl so much. What a strange, yet wonderful turn of events that she and I were brought together.

I'm looking forward to the temple tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now the Swallows are Returning

Claude Debussy- (1862-1918) French impressionist composer, one of the most influential modernist composers of the 20th century. The end.

A lady yelled at me on the phone today at work, but I refused to get angry. I'm sick of being angry at that place.

I have a horrible canker sore in my mouth.

I ate the best cinnamon roll ever.

I never see the running kid on the college campus anymore. I wonder what happened to him. Who is this running kid, you might say? Every day at college for the past couple months, usually when leaving my psychology class, I would always walk past this kid who was ALWAYS RUNNING. Not running as in that he looked athletic or anything, running as in he always looked like he was late for class! Heh! I don't know why I found amusement in watching him run. Every day. I guess he was always late.

I watched "August Rush" with Isaac and my mom. It was a good flick. Pretty cheesy though, I must say. Oh well. Robin Williams was kinda creepy. I wish I had been a musical prodigy as a child. End transmission.