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Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Learnding!

My classes this semester...

Abnormal Psychology
Interpersonal Communications
Introduction to Physical Therapy
Mammalian Histology + Lab

It's strange because it seems as though most of my schoolwork this semester will be studying. Very little homework. It sounds nice but I'm afraid I won't actually have the desire to pull out a textbook and study. Histology is neat, but quite difficult to fully understand. I'm just psyched to get into the physical therapist assistant program next fall and put biology classes on hold for awhile. As much as I love biology, but it's time for a rest. Oh, and it's time for some decent income to start coming into the Green house.

I never thought this would be my career goal just a couple years ago. I was leaning towards doing something with music, or maybe journalism, but physical therapy? Baloney! It's a good thing that they make you get your generals, because I really rooted out a bunch of crappy potential interests that I never want to look into again, like economics and geography (meteorology, to be more specific). It was my decision to take human anatomy that put me on my current path of interest.

The human body is just so incredible. Here we are with our bodies, just hanging out on earth, like we've been doing for the past million years, and we still don't even fully understand how they work. Every organ system, in a healthy normal body, works in such beautiful integration. You mess up one little part, and everything else gets screwed up. Which is a bad thing, but it shows you how much everything works together. Yeah, teamwork! Go Jazz!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dream Within a Dream

Here, I have created the architecture of my latest wild dream within a dream. It may bore you. It actually kind of bores me just looking at it. There was familiarity in this dream, like I had had it before. As you will see, I discovered a locker in the bottom left part that contained a key. This key, as it seems in dreams past, was unable to open the safe. This dream was different though, as the safe opened. Inside was a cassette tape (?) and a card that looked like a temple recommend. In the dream, it seemed like the tape was extremely important, but I don't recall that I listened to it. The card opened a secret door on the east side of the pool, leading to...gasp...ANOTHER POOL. This pool was really deep, that's all I know. There were showers on the east side. For some odd reason, it was really significant that this second pool existed. There were many people running around and frolicking in pool #1, but I was the only one that happened to stumble upon pool #2. 

Oh, background. In this dream, I was driving from St. George to Idaho, and happened to stop in Provo. So that's where this takes place apparently. 

The reason this dream has stuck with me for the past several hours is because of just how significant it was that I stumbled upon the secret swimming pool, as though I had been trying to open that safe forever, and only now was I successful. There was some major excitement. Strange how emotions run in a dream like that.

Later on (in layer #1), I was telling somebody all of this, and apparently in the pool dream, I was in complete lucidity. The end.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


That's how many posts I'm at. That's a lot. What a waste of time! LAWL.

Anybody ever played Temple Run for the Apple Iproduct? It's sad. You run around, fleeing from some sort of scary ghoul monkeys, and your score increases as you run further. But, as is the formula, the game never ends. You just run and run and run, and you never stop running until you die. I mean, this guy never gets a break. What a terrible life. What if your life was so hopeless that you never got a break? You just run until you die. That's it. Sad thought. If you're thinking about it. If you're not thinking about it, then proceed, now, this very instant, to think about it.

My ramblings will conclude in the following manner: I will share with you a dream I had. I attained "momentary lucidity" in this dream. People will tell you that if you become aware in a dream, you should be able to do anything you want. I have not found this to be the case yet. In this dream, I was in some sort of auditorium where a man at a podium was introducing a mens' choir that was about to sing. Before he had actually finished saying what he wanted to, I yelled out from the audience, "HEY STUPID! YOU KNOW NONE OF THIS IS REAL RIGHT?!" Then he got mad, and other people were telling me to be quiet. I kept saying something similar, and people started chasing me around trying to catch me. I knew I was dreaming, and my whole intent was solely to piss everyone off because I knew there was nothing that anybody could do about it. "You're in a dream you idiots!" I yelled. The man at the podium tried to speak, but I again cut him off with some more comments about how stupid he was and how nothing that was happening was real. Before and after this scene is fuzzy. I thought that dream was interesting. Some people, when they have a lucid dream, will attempt to fly. Others try to have sexual encounters.

Me? I just try to make everyone mad.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012