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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Does anyone else think that writing is strangely therapeutic? Well I do. So I just noticed I have this random little sore on the outside of my wrist, I picked at it and now it looks far worse. Excellent! We just got home on Monday from our up-north excursion which involved me completing a clinical rotation in Bountiful, Utah. It's bountiful all right. Bountiful with the smell of death. Ugh, what a foul smelling area.

On that subject... you know how you have random little pipes that come out the top of your roof? Well I used to think they were for dryer steam or something, actually there may be pipes for that purpose. Anywho, if you ever watched the movie "Night of the Twisters," there was this part where the tornado was bearing down on the main character's house, and then it shows the water in the toilet get sucked down into the toilet and SPEWS OUT A PIPE ON THE ROOF. Now apparently, this is not correct. When I was younger, this scene confused me, as I was pretty sure that every time I flushed the toilet, it did not spew out a pipe all over our roof. So what is this pipe for? Well I'll tell you. It's called a "stink pipe." Its function is to vent waste gases out of your plumbing system so they don't stench up your house. I just barely found this out. STINK PIPE. Who woulda thunk? So the pipe is connected to your toilet, it's just that the waste materials and water go one way and the gases go another way. Let me guess... everyone else already knew this. Just shake your heads and pretend you didn't so Holden can have his glory for once.

I hope this has been enlightening for all of you.