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Monday, April 22, 2013

BearClaw Jones

So...does anyone write blogs anymore? Cool. This is my first in awhile. I'm tired. All I've had to eat today was a bowl of berry colossal crunch, and an arby's sandwich. I have to give a presentation on carpal tunnel syndrome on wednesday. My presentation is really boring. I'm afraid to give it for that reason. I'm wearing my glasses today. Pretty cool huh. I never wear my glasses. I'm not supposed to be blogging at work because they think I might talk about phone conversations on my blog. And I know how much you all want to hear about the daily adventures of sad boring old people. My legs hurt. I think I have a zit on my cheek. I start my clinicals in two weeks. I've dreamed recently of cucumber trees and underwater pianos. I know, magical. This blog is all over the place, because when I'm really tired, I tend to do that. I have a son. He's really cute. He likes to eat and poop and look around at stuff, especially the ceiling fan. Maybe he wants to be a ceiling fan repairman. Good for him. Ambitious young pup. I have to go now. Love me.