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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Huggy Hugs

I haven't blogged in awhile. So you go.

My swipe card for work broke. In half. How does this happen, you might ask? Well, I usually keep it hung up on my rearview mirror, so it may have been warped by the sun. It was all bent and funny looking, so I tried to bend it back, and it just snapped in half. So now I'm unable to get into work without being really sneaky and going in the door behind someone after they open it. Which is actually a lot more fun. You would think I would go talk to someone about my broken card...but no.

Someone left some groceries on our doorstep. I would tell the person to come get their groceries, but I've already eaten half of the bananas and half the box of wheat thins. So if these bags of groceries were yours, well, there's not much left. You should just come forward and admit to leaving the groceries there, so I can give you a BIG OLD FAT HUG. "Aw, huggy hugs!"-- Dwight Schrute.

I have nothing else to say at the moment. But these things were on my mind.