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Sunday, May 31, 2009


So Uncle Holden has decided on a new approach to his blog, basically, all the really really serious junk is cut out, and instead, I say funny random things and post pictures of KKK rallies. This is not an endorsement of the Klan, however, going to a Klan rally on my mission was a pretty humorous event, I must say.

Nick Green and I decided that potato chips should be renamed "Tater Wafers," if you wondering why I said that.

I realized that being "grateful" is a hot new trend these days, so I'm going to list 50 things that I am grateful for...


Ha ha! Just kidding! What a waste of time! Heh! NO! JUST KIDDING AGAIN! I really am grateful for so many things, including, among other video games, my string cheese, my CSA belt buckle/knife, my brain, my pancreas, and my little Emily. And probably a lot of other really profound wonderful things as well that I'm too lazy to write down right now. Man I fail. Everyone kicks my butt at the "grateful" game.

I SAW KATE HOWLEY THE OTHER DAY WALKING DOWN RED CLIFFS DRIVE, HOLDING HANDS WITH A GIRL! UGH! I had a crush on her in first grade, you know. My mom told me maybe she's not a lesbian. Maybe she has a blind sister.


The end.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Don't Worry Too Much

I taught my first lesson today in elders' quorum. It was about forgiveness. I don't think there's anybody in my life I haven't forgiven. Is there?

Life races along at breakneck (ouch!) speed. I hope no one breaks my neck in the process. And I know some who would. Scoundrels! I hope they get swine flu. As well as swine cancer, the swine cold, and swine Alzheimers.

Another summer is upon us.

I wish I was classier. Like, more into literature and such. I'm not sure if that actually means classier, but I say it does. So shut your face.

Emily is at work right now. We went and saw Brian Regan last night. It was a joyous laughing good time. I told Emily that we were through, since the only reason I started dating her was so I could go to the Brian Regan show with her. Heh heh! Good one Green. Oh by the way, that was a joke.

Half of me feels like growing up and advancing through life, and the other half of me wants to stay put. What's my deal?

I decided that life is full of irony.

I also decided that my blog isn't as classy or interesting or sophisticated as everyone else's. Someone should give me a hand with that.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm tired right now.

I've decided I need to go job hunting. Dixie Nutrition isn't cutting it for me anymore. It's repetitious, it's boring, and I'm not learning any valuable life lessons from it. I realized I hate working at cash registers. I realized that I grow sick and tired of saying the exact same mundane things to every customer, such as, "Will this be all for you? Is this gonna be credit or debit? Can I just get you to sign here? Are you gonna want a plastic or paper bag for this? Make sure to keep your receipt if you want to make any returns or exchanges. Thanks for coming in. (eye roll --> customer complaint against me)" The end.

Emily lives in St. George now. BOO YAH! I spent the last four days playing with her, all day every day, and it made me happy.

We watched the Great Mouse Detective on Sunday night. What an underappreciated Disney classic.

I kinda miss high school.